7 Benefits of Mosquitoes to Humans

We all know that mosquitoes are some of the deadliest creatures in the world. They kill hundreds of thousands of people every year through the diseases they spread. But did you know that mosquitoes are actually beneficial to humans and the environment? Here are seven benefits of mosquitoes to humans.

1. They may lead to medical advancements

Dengue, malaria, West Nile virus – these are just some of the deadliest diseases mosquitoes spread. Despite this terrible contribution, mosquitoes are actually able to help develop medical advancements.

Professionals all over the world recognize the threat of mosquitoes. So, they conduct research and develop tools to control, detect, and prevent mosquito-borne diseases. Medical advancements are not limited to mosquitoes-borne diseases either. There have been advancements too in anesthetics, anti-clotting medications, and painless needles. But more research is needed.

2. They may also lead to engineering marvels

One of the things that make mosquitoes effective assassins and spreaders of diseases is the fact that they are mostly undetectable. You don’t always feel it when a mosquito lands on you to suck on your blood.

This is all thanks to the flight mechanics of mosquitoes. The way they move their legs and wings are key to imitating these mechanics. And we may be able to implement these mechanics on drones and other flying objects.

3. They help in insecticide development

If you buy a commercial mosquito repellent now, you will probably get one with DEET. It is such a prominent ingredient in mosquito repellents. But do you know that mosquitoes are some of the primary reasons why DEET has been invented?

DEET is effective not just against mosquitoes, but also against a variety of harmful insects like chiggers, fleas, leeches, and ticks. The repellent is also not considered a health concern, including to children. But this doesn’t mean you should let a child apply it on their own. It’s a chemical after all.

4. They preserve the world’s rainforests

Mosquitoes being dangerous animals also has a plus side – it prevents humans from settling deep into the world’s rainforests. Mosquitoes thrive in dampness, and that’s why they like rainforests and stagnant pools of water around your home. Because there are a lot of mosquitoes in rainforests, humans can’t really settle there, preserving their biodiversity and resources.

We all know how humans can be destructive anywhere they go, so it’s definitely a plus that mosquitoes somehow prevent us from ruining some parts of the world.

One of the benefits of mosquitoes is that they protect the rainforests from human habitation.

5. They help clear biological waste

Do you know that female mosquitoes are the only ones who bite you for your blood? Male mosquitoes don’t even have the physical tools to bite you. Female mosquitoes bite you because your blood has proteins that help develop their eggs.

You can find these eggs turning into thousands of larvae in their breeding grounds, and they will eat anything in their vicinity. Mosquito larvae can eat algae, fungus, parasites, and other organic materials, even including fragments of dead organisms. So, you can say that mosquitoes help in clearing biological waste.

6. They aid in pollination

Bees are probably the first animals you envision when you hear the word pollination. But other animals can act as pollinators too. Even the wasp cousins of bees can act as pollinators, but only on a less effective scale.

Mosquitoes are actually important pollinators. They help spread plant life in the damp areas where they excel. As a result, they indirectly contribute to creating oxygen for all of us and providing shelter to small organisms. There are also mosquito species that thrive in the colder regions of the world. They provide some much-needed pollination in these harsher environments.

7. They play an important role in the food chain

As you can see from this list, there are benefits to having mosquitoes. Nature didn’t just create mosquitoes to pester humans. One of the most important benefits of mosquitoes is that they are an integral part of the food chain.

Mosquitoes serve as a food source for a variety of animals, including birds, fish, and insects. It also helps that mosquitoes are often found in swarms, so they can be a considerable meal for those looking for food. Without mosquitoes, those that rely on them for food will have to find alternatives, and this can ruin ecosystems to a degree.

Mosquitoes play an important role in the food chain in their ecosystems.

Dangers of mosquitoes

Yes, mosquitoes are beneficial to humans and the world. But this doesn’t mean you should welcome them to your property. They can be beneficial from far away. After all, you can enjoy most of their benefits even if they are not in the vicinity, not to mention that this will keep you safe from the dangers associated with these animals.

  • They are notorious spreaders of deadly diseases. Mosquito bites can lead to a lot of life-threatening diseases like chikungunya, dengue, lymphatic filariasis, malaria, West Nile virus, yellow fever, and Zika. These bites can still be a health threat even if they don’t end up giving you a disease. They can still cause skin irritations and infections.
  • They are much closer than you think. Everyone has been pestered by mosquitoes before. We have experienced being bitten, and many of us are being threatened by mosquito-borne diseases. We are vulnerable to mosquitoes because they can thrive in our environments. There may even be mosquito breeding grounds in your apartment right now.
  • Mosquito control methods are not always effective. If you want to repel mosquitoes, it’s best to rely on commercial mosquito repellents and avoid mosquito attractors like sweat. The problem with other mosquito control methods is that they may not be as effective. For example, some use essential oils to repel mosquitoes, but these are simply not as effective as other proven products.

The benefits of mosquitoes don’t make them less deadly

Mosquitoes may have benefits for humans and the environment. But this doesn’t mean you should welcome mosquitoes to your property. This will put you at risk of the dangers associated with mosquitoes, primarily their tendency to spread deadly diseases.

It’s nice to know the supposed benefits of these insects, but remember that these benefits don’t make them any less dangerous.

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