So Many Spiders Outside: What to Do

Should spiders concern you? Most of them have venom, but not all of them can seriously harm you if they bite you. They leave spider webs all over your property, and this can annoy some people… And arachnophobia is a real phobia and not something you should really joke about. And your house’s exterior can … Read more

Are House Spiders Poisonous?

“Are house spiders poisonous?” is one of those questions people often ask. The short answer to this question is it depends… It depends on what you classify as a house spider. And what is meant by ‘poisonous.’ If people are not sure what house spiders are — and what poisonous actually means — there could … Read more

Does Vinegar Kill Termites?

Bed bug FAQ: should you throw away your mattress

Many people with termite infestations want to solve their termite problem themselves. They are reluctant to get help from pest control professionals. One of the most popular home remedies for getting rid of termites is vinegar… But does vinegar kill termites? How to use vinegar to get rid of termites Yes, vinegar does kill termites. … Read more

Are Fruit Flies Harmful to Humans?

Fruit flies are small flies that are primarily attracted to fermenting and rotting fruits and vegetables. They may look harmless because of how small they are. But don’t be fooled by their size. Fruit flies can actually be very harmful to humans. Why fruit flies are harmful to humans Fruit flies carry disease-causing bacteria. Fruit … Read more

How to Sleep After Seeing a Cockroach

Many people are afraid of cockroaches — there is actually a term for the fear of cockroaches, katsaridaphobia — and there is a good reason for being afraid of these resilient little creatures. Cockroaches can be carriers of disease-causing bacteria. They are also very filthy because of their unhygienic habits. It’s not uncommon for people … Read more

3 Effects of Bed Bugs on Human Health

Bed bugs really are one of the most disgusting home pests! They bite, defecate, and leave a trail of carcasses that they have shed. Surely, their nasty habits are not good for human health… But what are these implications, exactly? What are the effects of bed bugs on human health? Effects of bed bugs on … Read more

Tiny Ants in Bedroom: What to Do

Your bedroom is supposed to be your safe space — a comfortable place where you can rest and recuperate. The last thing you want is tiny ants in your bedroom! But what are tiny ants and why are they in your bedroom? And, more importantly, what can you do about tiny ants in your bedroom? … Read more