Do Mosquitoes Like Dark Places?

Do you notice that mosquitoes seem to like dark places? You often hear them buzzing around at night, flying off when you disturb them and buzzing around when you suddenly turn on your bathroom light. Yes, mosquitoes do actually prefer dark places, and here are the reasons why… 1. Mosquitoes are generally more active at … Read more

Phantom Itching After Lice: An Overview

Man with head lice

Do you have phantom itching after lice — do you still experience itching even after your lice have been treated? This is very confusing as there are no ‘itching triggers’. But fear not, you are not alone in this… Phantom itching, also known as psychosomatic itching, is a recognised phenomenon and has been ever since … Read more

6 Benefits of Flies to Humans

Flies are some of the most common household pests. In fact, they are so common that many homeowners don’t even consider them as household pests anymore and just inherent parts of their surroundings. But let’s not forget that nature didn’t create flies just to annoy humans. They play an important role in nature. Below we … Read more

Dog Flea Treatment Mistakes to Avoid

Dog fleas are very hard to get rid of. Fleas are resilient pests because they breed and become adults very quickly. And to make things worse, many pet owners make mistakes when using dog flea treatments. Don’t be one of these pet owners. Here is our guide to avoiding dog flea treatment mistakes. Dog flea … Read more

Dead Cockroaches in the Morning?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and found dead cockroaches? Often lying upside down in a corner of your bathroom or kitchen. But what is the explanation behind this phenomenon? Should you be worried? Why do you find dead cockroaches in the morning? 1. You have a cockroach infestation Hitchhiking and passing by … Read more

How to Find Bed Bugs During the Day

Bed bugs are small pests — measuring only one to seven millimetres. If you are getting bitten by bed bugs during the night, the dark surroundings may make these pests difficult to spot. You may want to search for them when the sun is out. But how do you actually find bed bugs during the … Read more

Your Neighbor is Fumigating — What To Do

You go home from work and you see your neighbor’s home is covered by a huge colorful tent. Well… it’s just about to undergo termite fumigation, a very aggressive but effective way to get rid of termites. But what do you do when your neighbor is fumigating? Should you be concerned? When a neighbor is … Read more

When Do Ants Come Out — Day or Night?

Do you see ant trails in your kitchen at night, but there is no sign of them during the day? It’s easy to assume that ants are only busy at night, but this is not necessarily true. There are a lot of factors that determine an ant colony’s activity. Here’s everything you need to know. … Read more