Can Bed Bugs Live in Walls?

Many people believe that bed bugs can only live in the bed area — mattresses, sheets, and bed frames. But then they notice bed bugs thriving beyond their beds. They can see them in carpets, curtains, and even walls. So the question is, can bed bugs really live in walls and other places? Why do … Read more

No Signs of Bed Bugs But Have Bites?

Signs of a bed bug infestation

It can be confusing if you wake up with itchy red marks all over your body even if you don’t seem to have insects in your home. And it’s easy to assume that you have bed bugs and you have been bitten by these nasty creepy-crawlies… But what if you have bites, but can see … Read more

3 Effects of Bed Bugs on Human Health

Bed bugs really are one of the most disgusting home pests! They bite, defecate, and leave a trail of carcasses that they have shed. Surely, their nasty habits are not good for human health… But what are these implications, exactly? What are the effects of bed bugs on human health? Effects of bed bugs on … Read more

9 Tips to Keep Your Home Bed Bug Free

Bed bugs are gross, but they are not known to spread diseases. But this doesn’t mean they are not a health risk. Bed bugs can bite you, leading to itching, sores, and even infections. And — now for the gross part — bed bugs also leave carcasses, feces, and bloodstains all over your home, which … Read more

What to Do After Bed Bug Treatment

Close up of a bed bug

Bed bugs are pests you really don’t want to deal with on your own. They are too complicated for DIY and natural methods. Your best bet is to call the pest control professionals. But even then, there are still some things you need to do before and after the bed bug treatment to ensure its … Read more