How to Treat Flea Bites on Cats

Flea bites on cats are incredibly itchy and unpleasant for our feline friends. They can also lead to other health risks, such as allergies, skin irritations, and infections. You should do your best to treat flea bites on cats as soon as possible. This will not only help your pet, but it will also protect … Read more

Why Dog Fleas are Hard to Get Rid of

Fleas are a big problem — not just for your poor dog, but also for you! Fleas bite humans too, resulting in wounds, itching, and even infections. . If that wasn’t bad enough, dog fleas are also very hard to get rid of. But why is that, exactly? 1. Fleas breed quickly Don’t underestimate a … Read more

How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

If you have pets, fleas are definitely one of your constant concerns. And it is really helpful if you gain a better understanding of fleas — knowledge that can aid you in flea prevention and treatment. One of the most common questions pet owners have is, “How long can fleas live without a host?” It’s … Read more

8 Flea Facts You Need to Know

Fleas are the archenemies of not just cats and dogs, but also of pet owners. As pet lovers, there is nothing worse than dealing with fleas and flea bites. To get rid of fleas, first of all, know your enemy… Here are eight important flea facts that you need to know. 1. Fleas are parasites … Read more

Fleas in House Without Pets — What to Do

You may think you can only have fleas in your house if you have pets… After all, these parasites only live on animals — right? This is a common misconception and one that lulls homeowners into a false sense of security and makes them vulnerable to flea infestations. You can actually have fleas in a … Read more