Mistakes in Cat Flea Treatments

You really do not want to make mistakes in your cat’s flea treatments, If you make mistakes, you are not just prolonging your cat’s flea problem. You are also putting your cat at risk of allergic reactions, overdosing, toxicity, and other problems. Here are some common mistakes in cat flea treatments. 8 most common mistakes … Read more

Flea Treatment Poisoning in Dogs

Fleas can be harmful to your dog. They don’t just lead to bites and wounds. They can also lead to more serious conditions, such as flea anemia. Thankfully, there are flea treatments out there that effectively get rid of these bloodsuckers. However, flea treatment poisoning in dogs is a real thing. What is it, and … Read more

Flea Medicine in My Mouth — Help!

Flea medicine can come in many forms. They can be as simple as flea collars that you simply put on your pet and as complicated as oral medications that you feed to your pet in a timely manner. Unfortunately, many of these treatments have strong active ingredients that can be dangerous to you too when … Read more

Flea Anemia in Cats: The Complete Guide

We all know that fleas are bad news for cats. They bite cats, causing them to itch, which increases the risk of intense scratching, wounding, and infections. But there is one health risk associated with these bloodsucking insects that is often overlooked — flea anemia. Here’s everything you need to know about flea anemia in … Read more

Dog Flea Treatment Mistakes to Avoid

Dog fleas are very hard to get rid of. Fleas are resilient pests because they breed and become adults very quickly. And to make things worse, many pet owners make mistakes when using dog flea treatments. Don’t be one of these pet owners. Here is our guide to avoiding dog flea treatment mistakes. Dog flea … Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Cat Still Has Fleas

You have tried everything to get rid of your cat’s fleas — from commercial products to home remedies. Nothing seems to be working. It can be very frustrating. Here are possible reasons why your cat still has fleas. Reasons why your cat still has fleas 1. You are using ineffective flea treatments There are so … Read more

How to Treat Flea Bites on Cats

Flea bites on cats are incredibly itchy and unpleasant for our feline friends. They can also lead to other health risks, such as allergies, skin irritations, and infections. You should do your best to treat flea bites on cats as soon as possible. This will not only help your pet, but it will also protect … Read more

Why Dog Fleas are Hard to Get Rid of

Fleas are a big problem — not just for your poor dog, but also for you! Fleas bite humans too, resulting in wounds, itching, and even infections. . If that wasn’t bad enough, dog fleas are also very hard to get rid of. But why is that, exactly? 1. Fleas breed quickly Don’t underestimate a … Read more

How Long Can Fleas Live Without a Host?

If you have pets, fleas are definitely one of your constant concerns. And it is really helpful if you gain a better understanding of fleas — knowledge that can aid you in flea prevention and treatment. One of the most common questions pet owners have is, “How long can fleas live without a host?” It’s … Read more