Do Mosquitoes Like Dark Places?

Do you notice that mosquitoes seem to like dark places? You often hear them buzzing around at night, flying off when you disturb them and buzzing around when you suddenly turn on your bathroom light. Yes, mosquitoes do actually prefer dark places, and here are the reasons why… 1. Mosquitoes are generally more active at … Read more

Why Do Mosquitoes Come Out at Night?

If you think about it, you always seem to get bitten by mosquitoes at night. But why is that? Well, mosquitoes are nocturnal — meaning they are more active at night. But it is a little bit more complicated than that… Why do mosquitoes come out at night? Mosquitoes are small and vulnerable creatures. Things … Read more

Does Rain Kill Mosquitoes?

Does rain kill mosquitoes? It is an interesting question… Mosquitoes are small flies, and for a mosquito, getting hit by a raindrop is the equivalent of a human being hit by a car! But here’s the surprising thing — the rain doesn’t actually kill mosquitoes. Relationship of rain and mosquitoes Mosquitoes don’t die in the … Read more

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Without Repellents

We all know mosquito bites are potentially dangerous. Not only can the mosquito bites cause itchiness, irritation, and infection; they can lead to deadly mosquito-borne diseases. You can prevent mosquito bites through the use of repellents, but can you prevent mosquito bites without repellents? Yes, you can. But before delving into the subject, it’s important … Read more

Why Do Mosquitoes Buzz in Your Ears?

You have probably experienced mosquitoes buzzing around you at some time or another… After all, they are extremely common, and your property may be an attractive breeding ground for these irritating, and potentially harmful, insects. But that is the thing, their buzzing — it is so annoying —particularly around your ears! So, why do mosquitoes … Read more