Is It Bad to Have Ants in Your House?

Ants are uninvited guests in your house. These industrious creatures get everywhere — from your food to your doors and windows. And often the sheer number of them makes you feel that they are not going anywhere anytime soon… Dealing with an ant infestation can be stressful. But is it really that bad to have … Read more

Why Do Head Lice Itch?

Head lice are parasites that live off of the blood of their human hosts. They are incredibly annoying because they bite, and those bites can be very itchy. The itching could lead us to scratch the bites, and scratching to skin irritations, infections, and even psychological problems. But why do head lice itch in the … Read more

Do Flies Lay Eggs on Food?

We all know that flies are disgusting creatures. We want them as far away as possible — especially from our food. After all, they can spit and poop on our food, making it unsafe and potentially dangerous to consume. But the nightmare doesn’t stop there. Flies can lay eggs on our food too. Flies do … Read more

8 Flea Facts You Need to Know

Fleas are the archenemies of not just cats and dogs, but also of pet owners. As pet lovers, there is nothing worse than dealing with fleas and flea bites. To get rid of fleas, first of all, know your enemy… Here are eight important flea facts that you need to know. 1. Fleas are parasites … Read more