7 Common Reasons Why You Have Ants at Home

No matter what you do, ants always seem to find their way into your home… Many homes suffer from ant infestations, but these infestations are more preventable than you think. Here are seven common reasons why you have ants at home. Why ants at home should worry you It’s always annoying to see ants taking … Read more

What to Do After Bed Bug Treatment

Close up of a bed bug

Bed bugs are pests you really don’t want to deal with on your own. They are too complicated for DIY and natural methods. Your best bet is to call the pest control professionals. But even then, there are still some things you need to do before and after the bed bug treatment to ensure its … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in Walls

Tips to keep your home free of rats

You probably don’t give a moment’s thought to the walls of your home. But that could change if you are unlucky enough to have a rat infestation. Rats can live in walls, and that thought alone is enough to give you nightmares. Rats not only chew on everything, but they also spread diseases. In this … Read more

Is Termite Tenting Dangerous?

Termites are the worst. They don’t just destroy the structural integrity of homes. They are potential health risks — because of termite allergies and bites. One of the most effective ways to get rid of these pests is termite tenting. But is termite tenting dangerous? The process of termite tenting Termite tenting is a termite … Read more

Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets?

Head lice infestations can be very stressful. You can’t stop thinking about these horrible parasites crawling all over your head and how they can spread around your home. This begs the question — can head lice actually live on furniture? More specifically, can head lice live on your pillows and sheets? Yes, they can live … Read more