How Do Ants Protect Themselves?

If you are dealing with ants, it’s important to know how ants protect themselves. If you know their defensive capabilities and traits, you can take advantage of them for your ant control methods. This makes it easier to get rid of ants. So, how do ants protect themselves? Here is how ants protect themselves… 1. … Read more

How Do Ants Communicate With Each Other?

Knowing how ants communicate can be important in how you can control your ant problem. This is because ruining their communication channels can disrupt their way of life, potentially weakening their colony and making them more vulnerable to ant control. Here are the different ways how ants communicate and how you can take advantage of … Read more

Why Do Ants Suddenly Disappear?

One day, you notice that ants have suddenly invaded your home. You see them everywhere, from your bathroom to your kitchen. And then one day, the invaders suddenly disappear just as quickly. Why do ants suddenly disappear? Ants suddenly disappear because… 1. Resources are not very accessible in your home The main reason why you … Read more

Ants in Your Room But No Food?

We all know that ants are attracted to food. If you leave small crumbs on your dining table or kitchen countertop, ants will find them… But have you every wondered why you sometimes see ants in your room even if there is no food around? 1. There is actually food in the room The simplest … Read more

When Do Ants Come Out — Day or Night?

Do you see ant trails in your kitchen at night, but there is no sign of them during the day? It’s easy to assume that ants are only busy at night, but this is not necessarily true. There are a lot of factors that determine an ant colony’s activity. Here’s everything you need to know. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Winter

Ants are probably not the first animals that spring to mind when you think about winter pests. But contrary to popular belief, ants can survive in the colder winter months. Many ant species hibernate, but many adjust their habits and surroundings to cope with the cold weather. Here is everything you need to know about … Read more

When is Ant Season?

Line of ants

Some pests are seasonal. For example, you are more vulnerable to yellow jacket infestations during the summer. But what about ants? Is there really such a thing as ant season? If so, when is it? These small insects seem to thrive all year round, so determining an ant season is difficult. Maybe you can’t see … Read more

8 Ways to Prevent an Ant Infestation at Home

Even though ants are generally just nuisance pests, they can still be dangerous. Some ant species, like fire ants, have incredibly strong stings. And some are structurally bad for your home, such as carpenter ants. So, you don’t want these pests on your property. Here are effective ways to prevent an ant infestation at home. … Read more