Does Killing a Spider Attract More Spiders?

The first reaction of many people when they see a spider at home is to kill it immediately. After all, some spiders can be dangerous… But one question often arises, does killing a spider attract more spiders? This is a legitimate question because killing the spider can be counterproductive. Here’s the quick answer — no. … Read more

Benefits of Spiders to Humans

Spiders often have a bad reputation because of how terrifying they look and because some are venomous when they bite us. Some people even have arachnophobia — an extreme fear of spiders. But these arachnids are not all-bad. In fact, they can be beneficial to us. Here are seven of the biggest benefits of spiders … Read more

Myths About Spiders Debunked

You have to feel a little bit sorry for spiders… They are some of the most misunderstood creatures in the world. It doesn’t help that we call spiders “creepy crawlies” which just reinforces their reputation as creepy, malign creatures — the stuff of nightmares. A lot of people suffer from arachnophobia and are automatically afraid … Read more

Does Vinegar Kill Spiders?

When you are looking for natural solutions for spider infestations, vinegar may come up. But does vinegar actually kill spiders — and do you really need to kill spiders in the first place? But, back to vinegar — how effective is it against spiders? Yes, vinegar does work as a spider killer and repellent, but … Read more

Prevent Spiders in Your Apartment

There are many ways to prevent spiders from thriving on your property. You can remove debris in your garden, lawn, and yard, for instance. But conventional spider prevention tips won’t work if you live in a tight neighborhood like an apartment block. Here are ten ways to prevent spiders in your apartment. 10 Ways to … Read more

Does Peppermint Oil Repel Spiders?

When you read articles online about how to naturally get rid of spiders, you often see peppermint oil suggested. But how effective is peppermint oil, really? Does peppermint oil repel spiders as effectively as they say? Yes, but there is so much more to it than a simple yes or no answer… Peppermint oil does … Read more

7 Scents That Spiders Hate

Many spiders are venomous, so you really don’t want them near you. Luckily, spiders have other characteristics that you can use to your advantage — such as their strong sense of smell. There are certain scents that spiders hate. These scents are just too overpowering for them. You can use these scents to naturally repel … Read more