Prevent Spiders in Your Apartment

There are many ways to prevent spiders from thriving on your property. You can remove debris in your garden, lawn, and yard, for instance. But conventional spider prevention tips won’t work if you live in a tight neighborhood like an apartment block. Here are ten ways to prevent spiders in your apartment.

10 Ways to Prevent Spiders in Your Apartment

1. Cleaning your home regularly will prevent spiders

You can still have pests even if you have a clean home. But you are not giving yourself better chances at preventing pests if you can’t even clean your home regularly. Get rid of clutter because pests like spiders like to hide and nest in items that you don’t really disturb and use. They find these places peaceful. Declutter as soon as you can.

You should use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning to remove food crumbs, drink spills, dirt, dust, and other small debris that can attract pests. If you already have an active spider infestation, vacuuming can also help a lot. It will get rid of spider webs and egg sacs that sustain the population of spiders in your apartment.

2. Get rid of other pests

Spiders are predators. They primarily feed on insects. And here’s the thing — many household pests are insects. Ants, bed bugs, and cockroaches are all considered insects. They are part of the spider diet. If you have these pests at home, they are helping sustain the population of spiders and attract new spiders to the area — not to mention that they are dangerous in their own ways too. Cockroaches, for instance, are some of the dirtiest insects you can have in your apartment.

If you want to prevent spiders in your apartment, get rid of other pests you may have that are potentially attracting and sustaining spiders in your small home. Commercial insecticides will do the trick for common household pests like cockroaches.

3. Store your food properly

No, spiders are not attracted to the food themselves. This is not the reason why you should store your food properly to prevent spiders in your apartment. The reason is that accessible food can attract other pests. These other pests, in turn, will attract spiders because they are spider food after all.

Store your food in cabinets, containers, and refrigerators to make them inaccessible. Use sturdy containers, preferably those made of glass. The problem with containers made of less sturdy materials like cardboard is that most pests can chew through them. Rats can even chew through certain metals. Also, don’t forget to clean up immediately after eating.

Prevent spiders in your apartment by storing your food properly.

4. Keep doors and windows closed

Humans are not the only ones who use doors and windows. Pests like spiders use them as passageways too. This tip is particularly important for those staying in apartments because they are so close to their neighbors. Your neighbor may not be cleaning as regularly as you are and may be harboring spiders. These spiders can get into your unit through doors and windows.

Be wary of windows that are near plants and tree branches. They can serve as passageways to spiders and other pests that live in and around greeneries, like ants.

5. Seal the gaps in door and window edges

Even if you keep your doors and windows closed, small pests like spiders can still get through because of the gaps on the edges of doors and windows. You can use door sweeps, weather strips, and window seals to close these edges. These items can also help seal cracks and holes in doors and windows that are worn down.

Some people even install an extra layer of protection — door and window screens. You can also put screens on vents and other potential passageways for small invaders.

6. Covering cracks and holes will prevent spiders in your apartment

If spiders can go through door and window edges, surely, they can go through cracks and holes too. Your walls are likely the ones to have cracks and holes. But don’t ignore ceilings and floors too. Sealing cracks and holes is particularly important if you think your neighbors have a spider infestation, as walls, ceilings, and floors are usually connected between apartment units.

You can seal cracks and holes effectively with caulk, joint compound, wall putty, or other sealants. It will depend on the material where the cracks and holes are found. If you are not a handyman, you can get help to seal these cracks and holes effectively.

7. Remove clutter outside the apartment

Even small apartments have exterior areas where spiders can wander and thrive, such as fire exits, hallways, and windows. Some of these are common areas, but they can be part of units too that you may have more control over. They can be near your doors and windows, meaning the spiders that may be in these areas can get inside your apartment unit.

Throw away the clutter in these areas. Inspect potted plants too. They can also attract spiders.

Clean your apartment regularly to help prevent spiders.

8. Limit the use of bright lights

Limit the use of bright lights, especially in the exterior portion of your apartment. Bright lights can attract insects, and these insects will end up attracting spiders. Insects such as mosquitoes are attracted to bright lights because they use the natural light from the moon and stars for navigation. They confuse artificial lights around homes with natural lights, so they are “attracted” to them.

These insects are also part of the spider diet. If they are present, there is a chance that they will attract spiders into your apartment.

9. Use natural methods to prevent spiders in your apartment

You can use pesticides with residual effects to prevent spiders in your apartment. But we all know that pesticides can be dangerous to humans too because of their toxic ingredients. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent spiders without using chemicals.

Vinegar is a great option. You can dilute it in water and spray it around your home, especially in potential passageways like doors and windows. But the smell can be unpleasant for some. You can try essential oils too, such as cayenne pepper, citrus, or peppermint oil. Just make sure to dilute them in water too.

Take note that natural methods may not be as effective as commercial products like pesticides.

10. Get a cat

Cats are natural hunters. They will get rid of small creatures wandering around your apartment, including spiders. If you want to prevent spiders in your apartment, you should try getting a cat.

But like dogs, cats have their own personalities. Some of them may not find spiders that interesting and may not hunt them. Getting a cat is not the most effective spider prevention tip, but it may help some people. The companionship a cat brings to a home is also welcome.

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