The Biological Control of Whiteflies

Whiteflies are another pest that can infest your garden. They are a little harder to detect compared to other garden pests because they thrive on the underside of leaves. You have to keep your garden clean and inspect leaves regularly to prevent these sap-sucking insects from thriving. But what if they already are? The biological … Read more

Get Rid of Garden Slugs Naturally

Slugs are considered garden pests because of the damage they can do to your plants. They will eat pretty much anything in your garden — from leaves and stems to fruits and vegetables. But getting rid of garden slugs can be tricky. They are not insects that you can kill by just buying and spraying … Read more

Attract Beneficial Insects into Your Garden

Insects can have a bad reputation. For many people, insects are just biters, stingers, spreaders of disease, and nuisance pests. But there are some insects that are actually considered ‘beneficial’. If you have a garden, lawn, or yard, you may want to attract these beneficial insects. Here are some ways you can attract beneficial insects … Read more

Causes of Slug Infestations

Slugs are slimy and soft-bodied gastropods that can infest your garden. Due to extreme feeding patterns, these garden pests can damage plants, and destroy seedlings — severely reducing fruit and vegetable harvests. But what causes slug infestations? It is important to know this, so you can keep your garden free from these slimy pests. Common … Read more

How to Control Aphids in Your Garden

Aphids are small garden pests that suck the nutrients out of your plants. Aphid infestations can result in significant damage to your garden. Aphids — common names include greenfly or blackfly — drain the sap from plants and this can result in deformed fruits and vegetables, misshapen and discolored leaves. These pests can also carry … Read more