Whitefly Damage Symptoms to Look Out For

Whiteflies can cause different kinds of damage to plants, many of which can even lead to the plants dying. Knowing whitefly damage symptoms is crucial — not just for minimizing damage but also for formulating effective pest control strategies. Here are the biggest whitefly damage symptoms you should know about. A quick introduction to whiteflies … Read more

Will Vinegar Kill Whiteflies?

Whiteflies are some of the most invasive pests you can have in your garden. They feed on plant sap, depriving your plants of the nutrients they need to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, whiteflies are slowly becoming more resistant to many insecticides, and this is partly the reason why some people choose natural remedies like vinegar. … Read more

Aphid Damage To Plants

Your garden will naturally attract different kinds of insects. Unfortunately, some of these insects are more harmful to your garden than beneficial, especially aphids. These small insects suck nutrient-rich sap from your plants, weakening them and potentially killing them. Here are more aphid damage to plants you should know about. Aphid damage to plants — … Read more

Grasshoppers in Your Garden: Good or Bad?

Grasshoppers are common insects, so you may see a handful of them in your garden. But the question is, are the grasshoppers in your garden good or bad? Are they beneficial or harmful? Generally speaking, grasshoppers are both good and bad for your garden. Grasshoppers are bad for your garden because… Grasshoppers are good for … Read more

Things That Attract Centipedes to Your Garden

Centipedes are predatory carnivores. Even though some of them occasionally eat fruits, vegetables, and young plants, centipedes are not really considered garden pests. They don’t cause enough damage to be labeled as such. However, you still don’t want centipedes to get too comfortable in your garden — although centipede bites are rare they are venomous. … Read more

How to Get Rid of Millipedes Naturally

Millipedes are arthropods characterized by their elongated and cylindrical bodies. They look similar to centipedes, but they have rounder bodies compared to the flatter bodies of centipedes. Millipedes may look goofy and innocent, but in large quantities, they can actually devastate your garden. They can eat fruits, vegetables, and young plants. Here are some ways … Read more

Beneficial Insects for Your Garden

As a place full of food, water, and shelter, your garden will be very attractive to many insects. Unfortunately, many of the insects attracted to your garden are destructive — such as aphids, millipedes, and whiteflies. But there is some good news — your garden can also attract insects that are natural enemies and predators … Read more

Common Garden Pests to Look Out For

Your garden will attract different kinds of animals, from insects such as ants to small animals like squirrels. This is understandable. After all, your garden has food, water, and shelter for these creatures. Unfortunately, some of these creatures can be a nuisance in your garden. Here are the most common garden pests you should look … Read more

Why You Have Millipedes In Your Garden

Millipedes are arthropods that you may find in your garden — not to be confused with centipedes… Both millipedes and centipedes have segmented bodies with multiple pairs of legs. But centipedes have flatter bodies while millipedes are rounder in shape. Millipedes are considered a minor pest to gardeners and in some respects, they are actually … Read more