How to Avoid Yellow Jacket Stings

Yellow jacket stings are not just painful — they can also be life-threatening. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways you can avoid yellow jacket stings. Facts you should know — to avoid yellow jacket stings 1. Yellow jackets can sting for no reason Yellow jackets are some of the most aggressive wasps you can … Read more

5 Things That Attract Wasps to Your Home

Wasp infestations can be very frustrating and are potentially harmful. So, instead of dealing with wasp infestations, why not just prevent them from happening in the first place? The best way to prevent wasps from infesting your property is to eliminate the things that attract them to your property. But what are the things that … Read more

When Does Yellow Jacket Season Start?

Nobody likes yellow jacket infestations, but it would be great to know when yellow jacket infestations are more likely to happen, so that you can prepare? So, when does yellow jacket season start? Yellow jackets thrive during the warmer months because of the abundance of resources. They start to die off during the colder months … Read more