How to Keep Wasps From Coming Back

Getting rid of wasps can be difficult, especially because wasps can be very aggressive. This puts you at risk of wasp stings and the potential dangers associated with them, like allergies. When you successfully get rid of wasps, you want them gone for good. Here are the most effective ways to keep wasps from coming … Read more

So Many Wasps Around Your House?

You really don’t want wasps around your house. Wasps build nests and can sting you — and nobody likes wasp stings. Wasp stings are not only painful but can, in some cases, cause a severe allergic reaction. But even if you try to prevent them, wasps are always buzzing around your property. Why are there … Read more

Solitary Wasps — What Are They?

When you hear the word “wasp,” you immediately think of an angry yellow flying insect that stings you. That would be a yellow jacket… In reality, there are many types of wasps. And many of them are not even harmful, such as the group of wasp species called solitary wasps. But what exactly are solitary … Read more

Do Wasps Eat Meat?

We all know that leaving food unattended can attract pests. But did you know that different kinds of food attract different kinds of pests? And it helps to know what kind of food attracts what kind of pest. In this article, we are discussing what attracts wasps and specifically asking do wasps eat meat and … Read more