Do Essential Oils Get Rid of Houseflies?

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Housefly Eggs: Everything You Need to Know

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Keep Flies Away When Your door is Open

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Prevent Houseflies with Cloves and Lemons

There are many natural ways to prevent houseflies. For instance, some people find that using vinegar works. Another natural method you could try is using cloves and lemons. Here’s everything you need to know on how to prevent houseflies with cloves and lemons… Using cloves and lemons to prevent houseflies Cloves and lemons are effective … Read more

What Happens When You Eat Fruit Flies?

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6 Benefits of Flies to Humans

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How to Keep Flies Away While Camping

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How to Keep Flies Away While Grilling

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Are Fruit Flies Harmful to Humans?

Fruit flies are small flies that are primarily attracted to fermenting and rotting fruits and vegetables. They may look harmless because of how small they are. But don’t be fooled by their size. Fruit flies can actually be very harmful to humans. Why fruit flies are harmful to humans Fruit flies carry disease-causing bacteria. Fruit … Read more