Ways You Think You Can Get Head Lice (But Won’t)

Head lice are annoying parasites. They can be incredibly itchy. And with the itch comes the risk of wounds, infections, and even sleeplessness. But do you know that there are actually a lot of misconceptions surrounding head lice infestations? Many of these myths are about how you can get these parasites. Let’s debunk these myths … Read more

Why Do Head Lice Itch?

Head lice are parasites that live off of the blood of their human hosts. They are incredibly annoying because they bite, and those bites can be very itchy. The itching could lead us to scratch the bites, and scratching to skin irritations, infections, and even psychological problems. But why do head lice itch in the … Read more

Can Head Lice Live on Pillows and Sheets?

Head lice infestations can be very stressful. You can’t stop thinking about these horrible parasites crawling all over your head and how they can spread around your home. This begs the question — can head lice actually live on furniture? More specifically, can head lice live on your pillows and sheets? Yes, they can live … Read more

Head Lice vs Dandruff: Key Differences Explained

It can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between head lice and dandruff. This is because the two conditions have a lot of similarities. This can be a big problem because misdiagnosis can result in ineffective treatments. Misdiagnosis can also be dangerous — if for instance, you have dandruff and you use a head … Read more

Nits but No Head Lice in Your Hair?

Man with head lice

Do you find nits in your hair but you don’t see any head lice? This phenomenon is actually more common than you think, and there are a lot of reasons why it happens. Here is everything you need to know about head lice – from their lifecycle to head lice treatment – so you know … Read more

Can Head Lice Live in Your Mattress?

Girl in bed

Head lice are resilient creatures, so there is a real sense of satisfaction when you finally get rid of them. But then a thought comes into your mind… what about the mattress? So, can head lice live in your mattress and reinfest you? Do you have to clean everything around your home to completely get … Read more