How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Roof

Squirrels are smart rodents. Once they get inside your house, they may prove incredibly difficult to get rid of. Unfortunately, your roof is one of the most vulnerable areas for squirrel infestations, so you should take extra steps to prevent these rodents from accessing and thriving there. Here are some simple, yet effective, ways to … Read more

Squirrel Bites: Everything You Need to Know

Squirrels are fairly common rodents. But when it comes to animal bites, squirrel bites are probably not at the top of your worry list. This is understandable because the bites of other animals, like dogs, are much more common. However, that does not mean that squirrel bites are less serious… Fast facts about squirrel bites … Read more

How to Stop Squirrels from Eating Plants

Squirrels are rodents, but most people don’t find them quite as repulsive as other rodents like, say, rats and mice. Squirrels look cute and appear timid. However, they can still cause destruction in your garden — eating your plants etc. Here are some effective ways to stop squirrels from eating plants, enabling your garden to … Read more

How to Get Rid of a Squirrel in the Basement

Squirrels may be cute-looking animals. But don’t let their cute and innocent facade fool you… Squirrels can be dangerous — they can attack (when threatened), spread diseases, and can also cause damage to your home. One of the areas in your home where squirrels can thrive is in your basement. So, here’s how you can … Read more

7 Humane Ways to Keep Squirrels Out

Squirrels may look cute, but they are still rodents, and can potentially spread diseases, like leptospirosis and salmonellosis. Squirrels can also cause huge problems in your garden — digging up plants, eating your fruit and vegetables… They can also gnaw on electrical wires and put your home at risk of fires… Not so cute now … Read more

Are Squirrels Dangerous?

Even though squirrels are considered rodents, many people don’t really find them that dangerous compared to, say, rats and mice. Squirrels are also beneficial to the ecosystem, particularly because of their habit of taking and burying seeds. They are basically nature’s gardeners. But despite their cuteness, there are potential dangers associated with squirrels. So, are … Read more

The Different Types of Rat Traps

Rats are natural scavengers and will feed on food waste and other disgusting matter. They live happily in filth and can spread diseases in a variety of ways — via their feces, and urine for example. This is why many homeowners feel that they have to act quickly and use rat traps to get rid … Read more

What Rats Do at Night

Rats are nocturnal animals — meaning that they are more active at night. But why are rats more active at night and, more importantly, what are they doing at night whilst you slumber? It’s important to answer these questions because you should know what these pests do inside your home when you are sleeping. This … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rats in Walls

Tips to keep your home free of rats

You probably don’t give a moment’s thought to the walls of your home. But that could change if you are unlucky enough to have a rat infestation. Rats can live in walls, and that thought alone is enough to give you nightmares. Rats not only chew on everything, but they also spread diseases. In this … Read more