5 Cat Flea Treatments You Should Try

There is a huge array of cat flea treatments out there. They differ in composition, effectiveness, and method in getting rid of the fleas on your cat. You can find them in pet shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and of course, veterinary clinics.

From all the different cat flea treatments available, the ones enumerated below are the most common in the market. Use these to kill the fleas on your cat fast.

1. Flea powders

Flea powders can be very effective against the fleas on your cat. You just have to lightly brush the powders on your pet’s fur and leave them there. They are effective until your pet gets wet. In that case, you can just re-apply again.

Some flea powders contain insecticides. Some contain natural ingredients like diatomaceous earth. And some combine insecticides and natural ingredients for maximum effect.

When looking for flea powders for your cat, consider getting those with milder formulas. This way, you are minimizing your cat’s risk of getting skin irritation.

2. Flea sprays

The best thing about flea sprays is that they have powerful ingredients that are known to kill fleas, such as pyrethrin and piperonyl butoxide. They can be sprayed directly on your cat, and the most powerful among these sprays can even protect your cat for up to 7 months.

There are also more natural flea sprays out there. They have ingredients that naturally repel fleas, such as clove extract and peppermint oil. Many of them also smell wonderful, making your cat a little more appealing than it already is.

When looking for flea sprays for you cat, consider getting those with milder smells. Your cat has a strong sense of smell, and you don’t want it to become uncomfortable with an intense-smelling flea spray.

Sprays are some of the most common cat flea treatments, but be careful of strong smells.

3. Insecticidal collars

Insecticidal collars, also known as flea collars, used to be the most popular way to control fleas. But since the emergence of spot-on treatments, flea collars became less popular. But this doesn’t mean that flea collars are no longer attractive options. They are much easier to apply than other products on this list. You just have to wrap them around your cat’s neck.

Flea collars can work in two ways. They can either emit a gas that kills fleas or release a substance onto your cat’s skin to kill fleas on contact. As you can imagine, this can be dangerous for your cat too. So, when looking for flea collars for your cat, make sure to invest in known brands. You don’t want to buy cheap flea collars that may end up killing your beloved pet.

But flea collars are also not as dangerous as you think. With the right brands, you can rest assured that your cat will be safe and free of fleas in no time.

4. Spot-on treatments

Spot-on treatments are some of the most common cat flea treatments available today. They usually come in the form of drops. You apply the drops on your cat’s skin and let them do their magic. They kill fleas on contact, so there is no need for fleas to bite or suck blood for spot-on treatments to be effective.

The best thing about spot-on treatments is that many of them are available even without a prescription. Of course, it will always be better to consult a veterinarian first, but it’s nice to know that there are effective spot-on treatments out there you can buy on the spot.

The only significant disadvantage of spot-on treatments is that they may be hard to apply to aggressive, naughty, and undisciplined cats.

5. Tablets

Chewable tablets are another option, especially if your cat just won’t sit still for spot-on treatments. Your cat can consume chewable tablets directly. They can also unsuspectingly consume the tablets when they are mixed with food.

The best thing about chewable tablets is that they don’t need to be applied to your cat. This means that you don’t need to isolate your cat as you treat it. Tablets also can’t be brushed off or washed away.

When looking for chewable tablets for your cat, make sure that they are approved by the FDA. You will never know what kind of damage or effect unregistered tablets can make.

For more naughty cats, you can try tablets as a cat flea treatment.

Common home remedies for cat fleas

If you are not a fan of cat flea treatments that contain potentially dangerous ingredients, you can also try these more natural home remedies, but remember that they may not be as effective and scientifically-proven like the other cat flea treatments.

  • Apple cider vinegar. Combine apple cider vinegar and water with a 2:1 ratio. Put the mixture in a spray can and spray on your cat. Apple cider vinegar is a known flea repellent. It will help get rid of fleas on your cat.
  • Cedar chips and oils. Sprinkle cedar chips across your cat’s bedding. You can also spray cedar oil on your cat. Fleas don’t like the smell of cedar, but some cats don’t either. Before using cedar chips and oils, make sure that your cat doesn’t get uncomfortable with the smell.
  • Lemons. Heat some sliced lemons and water and let them sit overnight. Your cat may not appreciate you putting the mixture directly on its fur. You can try dipping a flea comb in the mixture and comb your cat with it. Lemons, or citrus fruits in general, are some of the most effective and natural flea killers. You can even find lemons in some insecticides.

Get rid of cat fleas with these cat flea treatments

There are a lot of ways to get rid of the fleas in your cat. You can try flea powders, flea sprays, insecticidal collars, spot-on treatments, and tablets. Just make sure to read their labels first. You don’t want to use these things without reading their directions and ingredients. At best, you may end up not killing the fleas because you have used the treatments incorrectly. At worst, you may end up harming your cat because you have not read the precautions.

There are also more natural treatments out there and they are more accessible to the general public, such as apple cider vinegar, cedar chips and oils, and lemons.

Use these cat flea treatments right and your cat will be flea-free in no time.

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