How to Get Rid of Maggots in Trash Cans

Trash cans are pretty disgusting, but here’s something more disgusting – maggots in trash cans! These revolting pests are more common than you think, especially during the hotter months of the year when they thrive. We have all seen maggots in our trash cans, but how do we get rid of these critters? Here’s how . . .

FAQs about maggots in trash cans

You can get rid of maggots in trash cans with these four simple steps, but before diving right in, here are some frequently asked questions about maggots:

  • What are maggots? Maggots are fly larvae. Since flies thrive better during spring and summer, you are more likely to see maggots in your trash cans during these seasons. Fly infestations are no joke. Flies can spread a variety of diseases, such as cholera, e. coli, and salmonellosis.
  • Why are they in my trash cans? Flies like to stay in unsanitary places, like composts, sewage canals, and yes, trash cans. This is because these places are rich in organic matter that they can consume. They lay their eggs in these places, so when these eggs hatch, their offspring will have an abundance of organic matter to feed on. Your trash cans have a lot of food and water waste. They may be useless to you, but they are a boon for flies and maggots.
  • Is there something I can do about them? When it comes to pest infestations, flies are probably not the first ones that come into your mind. But because of their ability to spread diseases, you should not let these pests thrive, whether inside your home or in your trash cans. Yes, you can do something about them. Here are 4 simple steps you can follow.
Maggots are fly larvae.

1. Remove the trash

Flies and maggots are attracted to the food and water waste in your trash cans. So, the first thing you need to do is to remove the attractors. But the flies and maggots will not automatically go away once you remove these things that sustain them. You will need to get rid of them.

  • Wait for garbage collection day. Getting rid of the flies and maggots will be futile if the attractors are still there. Your trash cans may just attract a new batch of flies and maggots. To get rid of these pests for good, you have to get rid of your trash first. Wait for garbage collection day before you take serious action against these pests.
  • Wrap food and water waste before throwing them in the trash cans. It’s hard to prevent pests such as flies and rats from being attracted to your trash cans. But you can minimize the risk by wrapping your food and water waste before putting them in your trash cans. The wrappers will make the waste a little less accessible.

2. Get rid of the maggots with boiling water

Maggots are not created by nature just to be an inconvenience to humans. They have their role in nature, especially in decomposition. But still, you don’t want them near you or your family. You can get rid of these young flies using boiling water.

  • You can’t go any more natural than boiling water. You can get rid of the maggots using insecticides. But if you prefer the natural route, you can’t get any more natural than hot water. Simply heat water to a boil and pour it over the maggots in your trash cans.
  • Protect yourself with gloves. This may seem like an obvious tip. But remember that you will be cleaning out the dead maggots from your trash cans. Your trash cans are still hot with the boiling water you just poured, so make sure to protect yourself with gloves.
The most natural way to get rid of maggots in trash cans is by pouring boiling water.

3. Clean out your trash cans

Once you have taken care of the maggots, clean out your trash cans. They still have food and water waste residue that may attract a new batch of flies and maggots. And you shouldn’t just clean your trash cans every time you kill maggots. You should clean your trash cans regularly, especially those that are outside. These are more vulnerable to fly infestations.

  • Use a brush and some hot soapy water. Mix some hot water and soap in no particular ratio and use the solution to clean out your trash cans. Use a brush to scrub the entire body of the trash cans inside and outside. Don’t forget to wear gloves to protect yourself from the hot solution.
  • You can also try a vinegar-water solution. If you want to go more natural, you can disinfect your trash cans with a solution made with vinegar and water. Mix vinegar and water in a 1:2 ratio. It will be potent enough to disinfect and deodorize your trash cans.

4. Prevent them from coming back

There is no point in killing a batch of maggots in your trash cans if you keep attracting new batches. Prevention is better than cure. Prevent maggots from coming back by using proper pest and waste management techniques.

  • Keep the lids of your trash cans closed. If you keep your trash cans closed, you are making fly attractors less accessible. Make sure to avoid overflowing your trash cans too. Your trash can lids will not be able to do their job properly with overflowing trash.
  • Wash food and water containers before throwing them out. It’s a common habit to just throw away food and water containers after consuming their contents. But they will leave residue behind that will attract flies. It’s good practice to wash them first before throwing them in the trash cans, especially those with sweet residue like soda bottles.
  • Clean your trash cans regularly. Even if you wrap your food and water waste before dumping them in your trash cans, your trash cans may still end up covered in residue. It’s a good idea to clean them out from time to time. Don’t wait for flies and maggots before you become proactive with cleaning your trash cans.
  • Spray your trash cans with insecticide. Give your trash cans additional protection by spraying them with insecticides. These toxic chemicals have a lasting effect that will shield your trash cans from insects like flies and mosquitoes.

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  1. A few Flies and A lot of maggots.I never get rid of anything but I would not eat myself. Right now I feel kind of dumb I went outside to throw away a small amount of trash and the only thing that I have had in there was a couple of sugary beverage cans and some tomato peelings. However on the top of my trashcan there were so many maggots it was unreal…. I almost threw up looking at them and spray them with Clorox spray and Windex. Anything with an ammonia or a cleaning scent. Oh my gosh Seriously. I have only seen this once before and I didn’t put any other food in the trashcan afterwards. No leftovers whatsoever. Right now, I feel like my skin is crawling with these things. Wow it’s horrific. I really do hope the Cleaning it really good and the vinegar and water solution is a great remedy if not I’m going to have To Call Somebody to Help me. I promise you this is the only bugs I have ever saw anywhere near my house. However still, that is so nasty. Please help me if you have any further instructions please I’m begging you????


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