How to Keep Cockroaches from Crawling on You

While you are sleeping, the last things you want are cockroaches crawling all over you! They are dirty and potentially dangerous creatures, and you don’t want to be anywhere near them — especially when you are asleep and at your most vulnerable. So, can you keep cockroaches from crawling on you? Find out here…

Why cockroaches crawl on you

The answer is fairly simple — cockroaches keep crawling on you because there are cockroaches in your area and they are able to find the resources they need in where you are.

  • You have a cockroach infestation at home. If you have a cockroach infestation at home, the more likely it is for a cockroach to crawl on you. There are so many causes for cockroach infestations. But the most common of them is the accessibility of food and water. If your home also has cracks, gaps, and holes where they can squeeze through, you are also especially vulnerable. These two major reasons make it possible for even clean houses to get cockroaches. These pests are indeed attracted to clutter. But remember that they are also attracted to food, water, and the prospect of a new shelter.
  • You have food and water nearby. Cockroaches are scavengers. They are not picky eaters. And you know what that means? It means they will eat practically anything. Any place that has anything organic in it is vulnerable to cockroach infestations. For instance, have you ever wondered why you always seem to see cockroaches in your bathroom at night? In your perspective, there really isn’t anything to eat there. But in the cockroach perspective, your bathroom is full of food items, such as dead skin, hair, and soap residue. If you find cockroaches crawling on you, you probably have food and water nearby.
  • Your cockroach infestation is already severe. Here’s the thing about cockroaches — they don’t like you either. As much as possible, they want to be left alone. So, if cockroaches keep crawling on you, it may mean they are already desperate for resources. And if cockroaches are already desperate for resources, the infestation you have at home may already be severe. The resources they normally find are no longer enough to sustain their population, so they risk getting near you.
Having cockroaches at home puts you at risk of cockroaches crawling on you.

Why you don’t want cockroaches crawling on you

Cockroaches are not just dirty. They are also dangerous because they can bite and get inside your mouth and ears.

  • Cockroaches carry a variety of diseases. Cockroaches will practically eat anything. This means that they can end up in the most unsanitary places in the world, like garbage cans and sewer lines. These unsanitary places are home to a variety of disease-causing bacteria. And the cockroaches may end up carrying them and passing them onto you as they crawl on you. Some of the dangerous microorganisms they can carry are Salmonella typhimurium, Entamoeba histolytica, and the poliomyelitis virus.
  • Cockroaches bite. Yes, cockroaches do bite. But because they don’t like being near humans, the risk for cockroach bites are relatively low. However, the risk is still there. And if you feel like cockroaches keep crawling on you, you may be at a greater risk of such bites. Cockroaches typically bite on body parts that have food residue, such as faces, mouths, and fingers. But they can also bite you in your eye area because they like to eat the dead skin cells in your eyelashes. Cockroach bites also put you at risk of allergies and infections.
  • Cockroaches can get inside your mouth and ears. This sounds like the stuff of nightmares. They rarely happen, but the fact that they still do should be enough to worry you. Cockroaches get inside your mouth to look for food and water. You better brush your teeth properly before going to bed if you don’t want these pests in your mouth. Cockroaches get inside your ears to find a safe place to stay. Cockroaches like dark and tight areas. And unfortunately, your ears have these traits.

Stop cockroaches crawling on you

Keep cockroaches from crawling on you by getting rid of the cockroaches themselves and putting away the food, water, and shelter opportunities that may attract them back into your home.

  • Get rid of the cockroach infestation. The best way to go about this is through pest control professionals. They don’t rely on articles online to get rid of cockroach infestations. But it’s also possible to DIY your way out of your cockroach problem. You can try commercial products like insecticides and traps. And if you prefer the more natural approach, you can try home remedies. But take note that home remedies may not work as well as proven commercial products.
  • Put food and water away. Since food and water are the primary attractors of cockroaches, it only makes sense to make them inaccessible. Store them in containers and refrigerators. Clean up immediately after eating. If you eat in your bedroom, make sure to clean up crumbs and wipe away spills, especially on your bed. If you don’t, you are basically asking cockroaches to crawl on you in your sleep.
  • Throw away clutter. Cockroaches like to hide in clutter. This includes magazines and newspapers, shoeboxes, and piles of small objects like old DVD’s and toys. Homeowners don’t want to throw these items away because of their sentimental value. And many times, they keep them in their bedrooms, where they are even more at risk of getting crawled on by cockroaches. The least you can do is to store them properly in glass or metal containers. If the items don’t have practical or sentimental value, throw them away.
Keep cockroaches from crawling on you because they can get inside your ears.

Cockroaches are dirty and dangerous

Being crawled on by cockroaches is one of the worst things that can happen to you when you are sleeping. The good news is that it’s not likely to happen because cockroaches don’t want to be near you. But the bad news is that they can still happen. And this puts you at risk of bites, diseases, and other health risks.

Keep cockroaches from crawling on you by getting rid of the cockroaches themselves and the things that attract them, like food, water, and shelter opportunities.

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